Saturday, April 25, 2009

Support A New Blogger

Sarah from "The Destiny Of One" has a made a new Yahoo Group! called "Young Christian Women Bloggers" You can go HERE for more information. Just to let y'all know, she DOES moderate who joins this group and what comments or messages are coming in. Amber is also in this group. Thursday was her very first day to be a NEW blogger. You can visit her HERE. I am hoping to learn more about her through blogging! So hop on over to her blog and encourage her about blogging!


hannahbearsblog said...

Hey girly!

I must not have told you, but, I am unable to view your header that you made on scrapblog, because, it is a private thing you set up. I made mine private as well. So, the only way for me too be able to see it is if you give me your e-mail and password, so that I can log in.

What ahave you been up too lately?
In Christ Jesus,
Hannah Paige

hannahbearsblog said...

Hey Alli!!!

Thanks for having so much trust in me! I did not publish the comment, as you asked me. I wrote the information down so if you make something else that you'd like for me to see, I'll have it already!

Now, for the header. YES!!! Use the header you made, you did a wonderful job on it. Put it on today, let me know when it's up so I can see it.=)
In Christ Jesus,
Hannah Paige

Miss Jocelyn said...

Thanks for sharing that Alli. :)


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