Thursday, February 26, 2009


I have been tagged again by Rachel. This one is going to be tough. The rules are: You're supposed to come up with fifty things about yourself. If you are tagged you must try to do it. If you don't make it all the way to 50, you may use things from previous tags. Here are fifty things about me:

  1. I love chocolate.
  2. My favorite band is the Jonas Brothers.
  3. I have never been to the beach in my entire life.
  4. My favorite animal is horses.
  5. I have a good friend in my pastor's daughter.
  6. I love gardens.
  7. My favorite drink is Dr. Pepper.
  8. I love drinking hot cocoa and hot tea.
  9. The only hot tea I will drink is green and white.
  10. I like to fish.
  11. My favorite chickens are Polish chickens, or "top hatters."
  12. I am not a country girl for real, but I love to think that I am country.
  13. I would like to be a secretary when I grow up.
  14. I type like a professional.
  15. I like to cut coupons.
  16. I like to help my Mom with paper work.
  17. My favorite herb is lavender.
  18. My favorite color is purple.
  19. I love glitter and sparkles.
  20. I do not know how to swim.
  21. I have been horse back riding twice.
  22. My favorite Christian artists are Casting Crowns, Barlow Girls, Bethany Dillon, and Pure NRG.
  23. I have only been to one concert, which was "Winter Jam 2008".
  24. I love acting and singing.
  25. Everything on my computer is themed pink.
  26. I run the sound/media for my youth group.
  27. I have my own butterfly bush sitting right outside my window.
  28. I talk to myself.
  29. I love playing Tetris.
  30. I love using smiley faces in my e-mails.
  31. I hang around with my Mom a lot.
  32. I am trying to bake at least one thing a week.
  33. I am horrible at math.
  34. I love spelling.
  35. I have almost all the "Left Behind: The Kids" books.
  36. I like to watch "Little House on the Prairie: A New Beginning".
  37. My favorite season is spring.
  38. I love going around barefoot.
  39. I hate wearing shoes.
  40. I don't like wearing tank tops.
  41. I do a lot of laundry.
  42. I hope to have two kids when I am grown up.
  43. My favorite movies are "The Nativity Story"and"Evan Almighty".
  44. I love Tim Hawkins.
  45. I love playing with my Mom's hair.
  46. I only like wearing Bermuda shorts, not short shorts.
  47. I hope to have a "country" themed wedding one day.
  48. I would love to go to the mountains as a family field trip.
  49. My favorite food is chicken supreme casserole.
  50. I have been home schooled for two years.

That was really challenging for me. I tag Jocelyn, Rachel, Amanda, and Lacy.


Nancy M. said...

We may swing by the beach on our way to Disney World!

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