Sunday, February 1, 2009

Blogs, blogs, and more blogs

One of my good friends, M, from another state, has started a blog a couple of weeks ago. My brother, JJ, also started a blog. M and JJ are younger than I am.

Here is some more blogs that I also found:

1) A Godly Maiden
2) Julia's Journal
3) Young Homemakers
4) Heart of Purity

Here are some sites that I've also discovered:
1) Feelin' Feminine
2) Growing in Grace magazine

These are my two favorite sites to visit, next to blogs I love to read. I hope that you may find so more friends.


Rachel and Jessica said...

Hi Allie! Thank you for stopping by our blog! I am so glad that the cooking tips and things were helpful to you!

I like these blogs too! =;)


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