Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer Tag!!!

I just love being tagged! These tags are so much fun! This time I got tagged by Sarah!!!

What is you favorite day of the summer? July 4, my birthday!!!

What is my favorite outdoor summer activity? Wading in the pool.

What is my favorite indoor summer activity? Read, be lazy, or go on my computer.

Pool or Beach? Pool.

Have you ever camped during the summer? No. Because it is so hot. And we will all be miserable.

Popsicle or Ice cream? What flavor? Ice cream. Cookies and Cream.

Do I help with my churches VBS? Yes.

Do you get bored during the summer? Depends on the day.

Is summer your favorite season? Yes.

I tag whoever wants to do this tag!!!


Sarah H said...

I love tags too!!

Writings of a SmallTownGirl said...

Hello, I just happened to find your blog. It's so elegant and cozy :) I love your header...great blog!

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