Monday, June 8, 2009

Garden Update

We (Mom, Dad, and I) went outside to check our gardens. It turns out that we got 2 squash from our squash plants!

We should get some more tomorrow. Our corn is growing well. And our okra is just taking it's time. But it is getting there.


Nancy M. said...

Cool! I am really enjoying the food we are getting! My okra is slow too!

Rachel said...

Hi Alli! Wow! I don't even have any squash yet! Just the flowers. How do you know when to take off the squash? And do you just cut it off or pull it off? I am soooo new to gardening. I have no idea what I am doing! Ahhh! =:o =;)

I am glad your garden is doing so well! You should come see the pics on our blog that I put up a few days ago. It's coming along nicely! =:D


Amber said...

ooo...I love squash. lol *sigh* I wish I had a garden. ttyl

Elizabeth J. said...

Homegrown food is always so much better than the stuff at the store. Enjoy the squash!

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