Monday, May 25, 2009

Some More Backyard Pictures!!!

After cleaning Sunday afternoon, I got bored. So I went out in our backyard to take some pictures.

We just planted this peach tree. This is the first fruit tree we have ever tried to grow.

This is Momma's lavender she planted a while back. It started blooming after the rain finished it's first round. You can really smell the scent right after it rains.

These are the latest additions to my garden. These are impatiens. I am hoping every two weeks to get some more flowers to fill in my garden. The top one is pink, the bottom one is orange.

I snapped a picture of our hens taking dirt baths. At first I thought they were dead, because they were on their sides. The top one is Pikachu or Ash (Pokemon characters), the one on the left is Cinco, and the one on the right is Lacy. Pikachu and Ash are buff orpingtons, Cinco is a salmon favorelle, and Lacy is Polish, aka top-hatter.

This is our corn.

These are two of our green bean plants.

This is our whole patch of squash and green beans.

This is our whole patch of corn, with the peach tree in the background.

I was planning on taking more pictures, but, my camera's battery was dying.


M said...

Cool! Your squash is smaller than ours. Ours is almost bigger than Adam.

Nancy M. said...

Your flowers are pretty and I love the lavender too! Our chickens love to play dead in their dust baths too!

Hannah said...

Hey Alli! A post.......finally!lol.

Your garden looks great! I love the flowers! Hey come over to my blog...I am holding another contest.

Much Love,
Hannah Paige

Sarah H said...

Looks like you garden is doing great! Ours is doing well too.

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