Sunday, May 3, 2009

Herb Festival

Every spring, a herb festival is held at our local farmer's market.

Mom and I had a great time looking at all the homemade stuff and the herbs that local farmers grew.

I am wanting my own flower garden this year. So later own today Mom and I are going in the front yard and figuring out which garden I can get. Mom asked me if I was wanting to plant some herbs this year. I told her since this is my first garden that I am wanting to try flowers this year. Then next year I will do herbs. And this evening I am going to probably get me some seedlings from a store.


Micaela said...

How exciting!
Though I'm not a big fan of gardening, I do love collecting the food from our garden.
I hope you have fun with yours!


Rachel said...

Hi Alli! That sounds like fun! Good luck with your garden! =:D I am sure it will be lovely!


Amber said...

Lucky girl or should I say blessed. We started an herb garden on our apartment patio this year (I should post some pics) Anyways, I have a very black thumb so some were dying but thankfully most are bouncing back. Hope your garden will be full of blooms. =o)

Sarah H said...

I love herbs! what kind are you going to plant? They are vey easy to take care of (I know I have a black thumb too).

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