Friday, March 13, 2009

The past week in review

Earlier this week I got grounded from my laptop again. A while back Mom and Dad got me a laptop since I have been helping around the house and really pitching in to make sure the household and family is running well. But ever since I got the laptop it has been first on my list of importance every day.

Yesterday Mom brought back a word that I have not thought of in a while: priorities. I thought about the word a lot yesterday. I also remembered that last year for school in Bible, we went over our priorities. Mom gave me and JJ a sheet of loose-leaf paper. On one side she made us write down everyone's name that is in our household. Then we had to write down what it appeared, based on the time they spent on something, that their priorities were. Then we put a star near what we do almost every day. For me, it was stuff dealing with the computer. Then we flipped the sheet over and we wrote what our REAL priorities should be.

Here is our priorities that we should follow:

Relationship to the Lord




Training to be an adult


Other than that I have been deep in thinking about college. I kept on going back and forth on whether or not I should go to college. When I younger I wanted to be a secretary. Because I am organized, I am good at office work, and I make good coffee, lol. Then either it was Monday or Tuesday that I made up my mind about college. I do want to go. There is a community college that is near both my home and my Dad's work. Which is why right now I really need to start buckling down on my school and start contributing to a savings jar for college. Ever since I have made up my mind about college, I have been asking my Mom questions about college like, "What classes am I going to have to take to get into college?" "Do I have to pay to go to college, and how much?" "What classes am I going to be taking in college to get the degree I want?" Mom was great at answering these questions because, early in her life, she worked on getting the same degree I am wanting and she went to the same community college. I know when I go to college that means I will have a lot of school and homework to do, still have my chores, study for tests and probably not have enough time to spend with my family. But I hope it will be worth it.

On Wednesday my Mom took our oldest dog to the vet. And she had to make the toughest decision anyone would have to make. She had to put our dog down. The vets gave her this decision because they said that Baby's, my dog, kidneys were failing. She was also suffering with arthritis and blindness. When my parents came back through the front door Baby was not on the leash. I was about to ask what happened, then I saw my Mom's face. It was red with tears coming out of her eyes. My brothers and I knew where this was going. Adam ,5, grabbed his favorite blanket and curled up in Dad's lap while JJ and I went into our rooms and plopped on our beds and soaked our pillows wet with tears. Baby knows that we loved her and cared for her. Now she is feeling better in Heaven.


Zoe said...

Thank you so much for the comments you left on my blog. I have been thinking about college quite a bit as well, and have decided to get a "communications" degree online. Apparently there are a lot of jobs available if you get that degree.

I am terribly sorry about your dog. We had to put one of our dogs down a few years ago because he was very old and not doing well at all.


Rachel and Jessica said...

Hi Alli! I am so sorry to hear you have been having a tough time! I will be praying for you (and your family)! =:) I am so sorry about your dog, I am sure that is very hard to loose such a special little friend.

I had a hard time deciding whether to go to college or not as well. I decided not to go because I really didn't want a job outside of the home and really want to be a mother and housekeeper of my future family. (I know this is not everyone's choice, I am not judging). I am glad that your decision is over and now you can focus on the things you need to learn and do to accomplish your goal! =:)

I have also been thinking of my priorities. It is so hard in this day and age not to get addicted to being on the computer! I know I am guilty of spending far too much time on there when I should be doing other things. Maybe we can pray for each other that we would use our time more wisely! =:)


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