Thursday, March 19, 2009

My life of being feminine

As you have read in the past on my blog, I am trying my best to become feminine. I am looking at every store for long skirts I can wear around the house and about. So far I am not having any luck. But I do have one long skirt that I only wore once at "Southern Blessings'" house one weekend. So right now I am wearing jeans that are not tight, shorts that go past my fingertips (got this idea from the public school's dress code) or Bermuda shorts, and shirts that are not low-cut nor tight around my chest.

In the near future when Mom learns how to sew I hope that she will sew me some long skirts, dressers, or jumpers. But in the meantime I am keeping an eye out for any long skirts that pop up at any store that I can afford. I am hoping to tell the girls in my youth group and the young ladies in the congregation what I am doing and maybe encourage them to start dressing feminine, and maybe share the "Feelin' Feminine" site.


Anonymous said...

Hi Alli! I add words and edit my photos at 'picnik'. Just google pivnik and it should come up. After you get to the website, click 'upload image'. You should be able to get it from there! Good luck!
Miss Hannah

Rachel and Jessica said...

That is so great that you are slowly switching over to dresses and trying to be more modest and feminine! I went through all of that a few years ago and I was a little discouraged by the lack of skirts and dresses in stores too. Keep a positive attitude, though. God will provide all of your needs!

That is wonderful that you feel led to share what you have learned with some of the young ladies in your church. Bravo! I have done this also, not openly but more in one on one discussions. No one my age in my church understands my views on the subject of modesty. I spent many years feeling lonely and cut off from the rest of the kids my age. I hope and pray that you can be a blessing to many of the young ladies in your area and that you will make many friends as a result of this decision!

God Bless!

Rachel and Jessica said...

That is a great aspiration Alli! I am glad that you are stepping out and doing this! I had a struggle switching over from pants to dresses/skirts too. It can be very difficult to find nice modest clothing in the stores. I have to make all most all of my dresses. It IS helping me with my sewing skills though! =;) I hope you will be able to find some things soon! =:)


M said...

Awesome! I hope your mom is practicing, so she can sew us both something!

M said...

Sorry, Alli, I was reading on Mitchell's site, that was from me, not him, lol!

Anonymous said...

Hey aLli! that's great that you are trying to become more feminine! Sewing skirts is a breeze once you get the hang of it. I love to make and wear denim skirts!:D

Yes, he is very tiny, and small1 He so sweet and so content. thank you for your sweet comment!
~Miss Hannah~

Micaela said...

Hello Alli!
My name is Micaela Marques; I am also 16. I found your blog off of A Pondering Heart. I am excited and happy to hear of your convictions to dress femininely.
In case you are interested, here are a few links for modest clothing:
I also enjoy reading Jasmine Baucham's blog:
My sisters and I also have a blog:
I hope you will honor us with a visit :).

In Christ,

Anonymous said...

Hey Alli!

No, there is no way to make a blog button without the HTML code! My blog button is not finished yet. So that is why it is just the picture, and it has no code below it. I am still working on it, trying to add the code below it!:D:D Good luck on your button!
~Miss Hannah~

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