Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Mystery Of The White Egg - solved

For the past couple of months we have been getting white eggs.

We have about 8 hens in one coop. The only hens in that coop that lay white eggs are Polish, a.k.a. Top-Hatters.

One of our Top-Hatters, Simone, was curious and squeezed through an open hole in the poultry netting, into the other side that - at the time - held one Araucana hen and five Black Sex-link hens. All the Black Sex-links, including the Araucana, were pecking at Simone and left a big bloody spot on the back of her head, leaving no feathers.

So Monday we put her in the side that doesn't hold any hens at the moment so she can heal. Tuesday we went to go check on Simone's food, water and eggs. It appears that she is one of the hens laying the white eggs. We have two others Top-Hatters, and Mom thinks one more may be helping lay the white eggs.


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