Sunday, February 28, 2010

As I am

This another poem I wrote...

As I am

He came to me with scars on his wrist
Saying he can't go through this
I said "I can help you."
He said "There is nothing to do."
Trying to lift this pressure of your shoulders
He said "It's over."

Even though it feels like
We're slipping through life
He will help us get by
He will never leave your side
His footprints are left beside yours

Just tell me the person I was going to be, again
Just take me as I am

She came to me with a tear stained-face
Saying she lost her faith
He is calling your name
She says
"I know
He won't let me go
I'll give Him control
I'll let go of my dreams
I'll wait until He shows me
Who He wants me to be."

Can't you see this love that God gives
Even though it feels like you are slipping through His finger tips
He will always catch you
Now I can see without You, I can't make it through

Remind me the person I was going to be, again
Just take me as I am


•Karis Brown• said...

You're good... this really should be a song! It's beautiful!

Love your blog!


Sarah H said...

Maybe you should submit this to MOHL for our next guest week!

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