Monday, July 12, 2010

New house, New Beginning

Due to circumstances in our life, my family and I had to move in with my mom's friend Nancy. Even though the move has been difficult for me I have decided to have a good attitude and enjoy it. We spent the past weekend packing, lifting heavy furniture and boxes, and loading and unloading the truck. Nancy's family has been kind enough to split their game room into a small gameroom and two small bedrooms for my brothers and I. After having a large sized bedroom most of my life, I now have a small bedroom. Nancy's husband was kind enough to make me a loft bed due to the size of my room. We managed to squeeze my desk, keyboard, guitar, and bookshelf in my room. And stuck my dresser outside of my door. Since there is no overhead light in my room, mom is having to buy a few lamps for my room. I am hoping to get back to updating my blog.


Anonymous said...

Hi Alli, I am visiting you through Nancy's blog. Moving is never easy but you are very blessed to have friends like Nancy and her family to help out. I like what you have done with the loft, your keyboard, dresser etc. I like having lamps in my room; it gives it a cozy feeling. Your blog is very nice. I hope you all enjoy the weekend.

Sarah H said...

I know how hard being in a small space is and having to share your house with a lot of people. You will be in my prayers

carlotta said...

Hang in there! For three years my family and I (6 people) shared a 700 square foot apartment :)

Your bed looks very cozy!

Anonymous said...

I am lucky enough to have a big house. We don't have a big family either though. Four...girls. Well, two girls one teen (me) and mom.

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