Monday, May 10, 2010

Music Randomness

So, a few weeks ago I have decided I wanted to sing in church. I talked to one of my good friends, and she said she would be able to sing with me. So that day we both wrote down a list of songs we like along with the artist. The next time we saw each other we gave each other our notes. We decided on a song that we are both familiar with. It is called Walk On Water and it is by Britt Nicole.

Our brothers have scouts every Monday night. So, we decided to practice while the boys were doing their own thing. It wasn't until a week and a half ago, that my friend's mom got the split track CD of the song we want to do. This is my very first song I am doing. So the first time we sang the song without Britt, I kept losing my timing. Now I am great on my timing, but I still need to work on my enunciation. Once we have this song down we are going to ask the music director of our church when we can sing it. I am going to try to ask someone to video us singing, so then I can put on here.


Zoe said...

Can't wait to hear it!

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